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Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Environment is the key issue

Navdeep understands the value of environment and the key it holds to the future, hence it has commited itself to stringently look up to the needs of the environment. Needless to say the company has been motivated to develop Environmentally- friendly Biocides which would not be toxic and would not generate waste effluents. It has a "ZERO DISCHARGE" process which produces no liquid effluent and every bit of waste is recycled or utilised in our process in order to save our environment.

ISO 14001 Accreditation:
The company is in the process of achieving the ISO 14001 International standard.

The company's Environmental Policy:

           "At Navdeep Chemicals Pvt Ltd., Environment is our prime concern. We research, design, develop & operate our processes to select and conserve the resources in such a way that minimum pollutants are generated at each stage of our activities.

           We continue meeting with statutory regulations & achieve continual improvement in pollution control standards. We have committed to observe the protocol of Responsible care in our day to day activities at all times.

           This standard of excellence shall be acheived with dedicated and trained workforce and support from interested parties, which wholeheartedly serve the noble cause of environment protection. We commit ourselves to achieve the above by adhering to the standards of ISO 14001 - 1996."

D. V. Bhimani
Chairman & Managing Director