teamwork at navdeep chemicals

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Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Chemistry at work

Mr. Shridhar. Murti - A.G.M - Sales
Mr. Shridhar. Murti - A.G.M - Sales
Mr Shridhar Murti heads the Sales Department and is the G.M - Sales and is responsible for the Sales and Marketing of the products of all the products of the company. He has a team of two assistants who assist him in technical and administrative tasks.
He is responsible for Domestic and Overseas Sales.
Other than that his functions also include:

Customer identification,
Customer servicing, and
After sales services.

Mr. Vijay. Asar - Works Director
Mr. Vijay. Asar - Works Director
Mr Vijay Asar is the Works Director of Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd and has been entrusted with the responsibility to look after the smooth running of all the three plants in Ankleshwar.
He is role in the company includes the following:
Plant Production,
Quality Control,
Administrative functions of all the plants,
Local Purchases,
Maintainence of Plant and Machinery, Safety etc...
and Project implementation.